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Best Walks - Porthgain to Whitesands Bay - 10 miles (16.1 km)

Whitesands Bay on a sunny day from the top of the cliffs

Introduction to the Walk
This is the fifth day of The Pembrokeshire Coastal path, and is one of the shorter days of the route. Starting in by the ruins of Porthgain and ending in the beautiful Whitesands Bay, it is a very special walk indeed.

There is a large car park both in Whitesands Bay and in Porthgain, therefore you can park at either end and walk in your preferred direction. However, since this is a linear walk, do make sure that you have planned how to return to your car once you have finished, unless you intend to continue along the trail.

The Route

Stage 1
You first ascend out of Porthgain using some very steep steps! However, once you are on the cliff top path, the walking is simple and reasonable flat for the first 1.5 mile, whereby you will then descend into Aberiddi.

Stage 2
Once at Aberiddi to make sure that you detour to the Blue Lagoon, as it is well worth a look before you make your way onto a very short section of road that will ascend you from the bay, you soon turn right back on to the coastal path.

Stage 3
As you continue along the coastal path you will gain glimpses of St Davids Head. Do take the time to explore St Davids Head once there, donít be tempted to cut straight across it. The views are worth the effort.

Stage 4
From St Davids Head you will begin your descent into Whitesands Bay, a very popular beach and an excellent surf spot.

Map of the Route


Walking can be a dangerous activity, all information provided here has been done so free of charge and we can take no responsibility for the accuracy of that information. Please make sure you do all your own research and understand how to equip yourself and know how to use a map and compass before undertaking any walk.
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