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Best Walks - Newport to Fishguard

Dramatic cliffs near Newport on a Sunny Day

Introduction to the Walk
This is the second day of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, it is much gentler than the first, not only in length but it is also much less undulating. However, you will still get the same dramatic scenery and superb coastal views that you enjoyed on the first day.

There is parking in both Newport and Fishguard and so you can start at either end. Once again, this is a linear route so you will have to preplan how you will get back to the start, unless you intend to continue on after this day.

The Route

Stage 1
Exit the Newport Sands car park onto the road and turn right, following the signs for the coastal path. You will head straight onto a small path right next to the beach, or at lower tides you could just walk on the beach itself if you prefer. From Newport Sands you will stay right on the coast, passing the Bays of Aber Rhigan and Abery Fforest until you join a small road.

Stage 2
You will follow the road downhill into a beautiful small village of Cwm-yr-Eglwys, which has a beautiful church. You will head uphill out of this village and back to follow the coast around to Dinas Head, which offers excellent views to Fishguard and Goodwick. Although the views here are fantastic, do not be overwhelmed by how far you still have to walk. The time will fly by!

Stage 3
As you continue along the coastal path you will soon reach a small bay and also a pub, which is possibly a good spot to have lunch. From here you will have a short ascent and will follow the cliff tops along to a descent to Aber Bach.

Stage 4
You will have a section of ascent out of Aber Bach and will follow the coastal path to Castell Farm campsite. Walk through the campsite, it is well sign posted with the coastal path and national trail markers, and continue along the cliffs to the Old Fort. From here you will soon be on the main road down to Fishguard itself.

Map of the Route


Walking can be a dangerous activity, all information provided here has been done so free of charge and we can take no responsibility for the accuracy of that information. Please make sure you do all your own research and understand how to equip yourself and know how to use a map and compass before undertaking any walk.
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