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Backpacker's Bible, Your Essential Guide to Round the World Travel - The Backpacker's Bible, the result of extensive research and first-hand experience, is crammed full of advice for the first time traveller - from planning the journey to packing your bags, from organising money to keeping in touch with home. There are helpful tips on finding work abroad, obtaining travel insurance, being a responsible eco-traveller and much more. Crucially, you'll find information on personal safety and potential health risks, with newly revised and updated chapters to cover the increased international safety measures and the growth of internet-related travel assistance and social online networking. To help you find out more about destinations, the best guidebooks are recommended, together with a comprehensive selection of insightful travel reads. There's even an alphabetical guide to diplomatic contacts for each country, complete with details of typical regional climates. This book truly is the bible for modern backpacker. Published Nov 10

ISBN: 9781906032272 - The Backpacker's Bible: Your Essential Guide to Round the World Travel

Lighten Up! A Complete Handbook for Light and Ultralight Backpacking, D Ladigan - Short, to the point, and humorously illustrated by outdoor illustrator Mike Clelland, this book presents everything hikers and backpackers need to be safe, comfortable, and well-fed while carrying a very small and lightweight pack. Published June 05. K

ISBN: 9780762737345 - Lighten Up!

The Backpacker's Handbook, Chris Townsend - Capitalizing on the success of the previous two editions of The Backpacker's Handbook, the 3rd edition  includes new material as well as revisions made necessary by the rapid evolution of outdoor equipment and clothing since 1996. This sport has boomed over the past few years and there is now a whole philosophy associated with it along with a lot of new gear. Boot fitting: There has been tremendous development in this area over the years and there have been great breakthroughs in new footbed and boot designs. Packs: There are many new ultralight packs on the market now, with new designs and new fabrics. Clothing: Soft shells have appeared on the market and so have new layering techniques. Shelters: New shaped tarps, tarp-tent hybrids, and single-skin floorless tents have appeared - plus lighter weight fabrics and tent designs. Water: New studies on water treatment plus new treatments like chlorine dioxide have appeared. Previously used filter-purifier designs have been found not to work properly. Food: Use of organic food has become widely popular. Also, other new developments in health-related issues are discussed. Stoves: There are numerous new ultralight canister stoves and new pressure stoves that are easier and safer to use. Lights: LED lights are replacing conventional ones in both headlamps and candle lanterns. Electronics: Use of GPS, cell phones, altimeters, weather stations, palm pilots, modems, and on-trail e-mail has exploded over the last few years. Miscellaneous: Sections on fabrics and associated technology will be updated throughout. Published Nov 11. K

Smarter Backpacking: Or How Every Backpacker Can Apply Lightweight Trekking and Ultralight Hiking Techniques, Jorgen Johansson - Smarter Backpacking is a book that aims to make better hikers through use of ultralight hiking techniques, rather than create more ultralight hikers. It distils the complexity of wilderness travel into its simplest core concepts, allowing the reader to enjoy the freedom of backpacking rather than be encumbered by it. It is a book for day-hikers and thru-hikers, newbies and experienced backpackers or travellers alike. Everyone benefits from a lighter load. Published Nov 10. K

Ultralight Backpackin' Tips -  153 Amazing & Inexpensive Tips for Extremely Lightweight Camping, Mike Clelland. Published May 11. K

Allen and Mike's Backpacking Book - Allen O'Bannon and Mike Clelland - Allen O'Bannon and Mike Clelland combine their years of experience into a hilarious and informative book on the art of backpacking, providing information on dressing and packing, equipment, travel techniques and outdoor hazards. Published April 02. K

The Ultralight Backpacker: The Complete Guide to Simplicity and Comfort on the Trail, Ryel Kestenbaum - With recent improvements in equipment manufacture and design (lighter pack frames, sleeker tents, special sleeping bags, multipurpose fabrics, for example), and in food processing, the ultralight method is no longer one that sacrifices comfort for utility, and "The Ultralight Backpacker" is the first book to point this out. "The Ultralight Backpacker" is the first balanced and comprehensive treatment of a much-debated and rapidly growing trend that challenges many of backpacking's long-held assumptions. Devotees of backpacking's traditional "bring everything but the kitchen sink" school set out on an overnight hike with a pack that could weigh as much as 50 or 60 pounds. The "ultralight" hiker, in contrast, pares equipment, food and clothing to a minimum to go faster and cover more distance. Assume an ultralight hiker and her traditional counterpart arrive at the trailhead at the same time. The ultralight hiker carries a 20-pound pack and heads off, hiking briskly and comfortably in running shoes. The traditional backpacker hefts a 50-pound pack and treks in heavy hiking boots. At the end of the day, the ultralight hiker is seven miles farther along the trail, relaxed, refreshed. She boils a pack of ramen noodles on a one-burner stove, eats, curls up in a lightweight sleeping bag under the stars. The traditionalist is tired, nursing blisters and so annoyed because of shoulder pain that he's missed the beauty of the last portion of the hike. "The Ultralight Backpacker" works for any hiker looking for a less-stressful trip - whether it's for a night, a weekend or several months on the trail. It shows how proper planning and the right attitude blend to create a backpacking philosophy that will attract beginners and convert traditionalists. "The Ultralight Backpacker" also presents the most thorough survey of new equipment, clothing and footwear available. Published Aug 01 K

ISBN: 9780071368285 - The Ultralight Backpacker

Backpacker's Start-Up: A Beginner's Guide to Hiking & Backpacking, Doug Werner - Aimed specifically at the novice outdoor adventurer, this comprehensive guide explains the essential gear, preparations, precautions, and techniques required for day hiking and short backpacking trips. Through informative, entertaining, and encouraging personal anecdotes, the guide emphasizes the physical, aesthetic, and spiritual benefits of spending time in nature. Essential first aid and map-reading information is also included. Published Dec 12.

Backpacking: The complete backpacking guide to getting you started, Eric Singer - This book is designed so people like you who do not have any background or information on backpacking can start with this activity in as short as five days. This book is the only resource you will need to get you on your first backpacking trail. No need for more expensive seminars or orientation just to get you started.
No need to surf and browse so many information on the internet just to know the stuff about backpacking and the things you will need. Published Sept 15. K

Backpacking:100 tips that will make your Outdoor Adventures Memorable, Julian Dresden. Published March 16.

Backpacking 101: What you need to have and know before you go, Alex Swaine. Published Dec 15.

Backpacking: Everything you need to know about Backpacking, Dale Waller. Published Dec 15.

The Adventurers Guide to Enjoyable Backpacking, Craig Bohmrich - An excellent source of information to better enjoy your outdoor getaways and a good source for "preppers" to better plan their "bug outs" as well. Published Dec 15. K

Hiking and Backpacking with Kids: Proven Strategies for Fun Family Adventures, Backpacker Magazine. Published Feb 12. K

How to Backpack: The Beginners Guide to Backpacking Including How to Choose the Best Equipment and Gear, Trip Planning, Safety Matters and Much More, Karl McCullough - This book is a complete guide to backpacking. The author put everything he knows about backpacking into simple, understandable language so that you can easily learn all there is to know about backpacking. Published Aug 10

The Advanced Backpacker, A Handbook for Year-round Long-distance Hiking, Chris Townsend  - This work is a handbook for the backpacker that provides detailed discussions on everything from researching and planning a hike anywhere in the world to planning, equipping and supplying oneself en route. Published Dec 00. Limited availability.

Backpacker Backpacking Basics: Planning, Preparing, and Packing, Backpacker Magazine. Published Feb 11. K

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Backpacking and Hiking, Jason Stevenson - Published April 10. K

The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide: Tools and Techniques to Hit the Trail, Andrew Skurka - For anyone who enjoys stepping out on the trail, whether for short jaunts in a local park or a multiday backcountry trek, this fun, colourful book details everything you need to know about travelling backcountry light and fast. Adventure-athlete author, Andrew Skurka, keeps his pack down to 5 kg (without food and water), and regularly logs 30-plus miles per day. "The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide" is sprinkled with vignettes throughout, making for a personal, inspiring, educational tome that might very well be worth reading for the stories alone. The book covers everything from determining exactly what you need, to a show-and-tell of an assortment of lightweight clothing, footwear, trekking poles, backpacks, shelter systems, sleep systems, and more. Published March 12

ISBN: 9781426209208 - The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide

The Rules of Backpacking, Ingrid Marson - In 2001 the author left behind the grey skies of England and a job where she perpetually clock-watched, to join the army of backpackers circumventing the globe. On her way she discovered many different cultures and environments. This book is an informal guide to the culture and reality of backpacking based on personal experience and knowledge picked up from travellers across the world. Thinking about who to go with, and where to go? Should you join a tour, travel with friends, or go it alone? And when you have decided to go, just what should you expect when you arrive? Learn about what not to do when getting a massage from a Cambodian prostitute and how to sniff out koalas in the Australian outback. Find out why westerners can't be hairdressers in Thailand and why women aren't allowed to eat sheep heads in South Africa. Published Jan 05. Limited availability.

Backpacking Safety Tips - The transient life of a backpacker promises staggering landscapes and inspiring adventures, but the fun is all too often cut short by a stolen wallet or 'Delhi belly'. Instead, you can be aware and be prepared. These useful tips will help you put your mind at rest. Published Feb 06. Limited availability.

Go Backpacking, M. Stone - Matt Stone has provided the would-be hiker, and the hiking enthusiast alike, with a readable reference and practical handbook for rewarding outdoor adventures. With the author's advice and gentle prodding you may find yourself back on the trail again and again. From tents, maps, shovels, you'll learn what helps and what hinders your backpacking experience. Published Jan 05. Limited availability.


Walking Softly in The Wilderness, The Sierra Club Guide to Backpacking, J. Hart - This is the groundbreaking guide that first taught backpackers how to enjoy a genuine wilderness experience that leaves nature undisturbed - the "ultimate manual" for wilderness travellers and campers. Since it was last revised in 1998, backpacking gear and practices have undergone many changes, subtle and large - all noted and expertly evaluated by author John Hart in this new edition. The quest to go "ultralight," for example, has introduced new gear choices, such as plastic boots, frameless packs, single-walled tents and shelters, and "softshell" garments that keep you dry as well as warm. Backpacking has also embraced the information age, with downloadable maps, navigation by portable GPS devices, and a world of information available online. Helpful line drawings illustrate topics ranging from selecting gear to bearbagging to rigging a tarp shelter. Extensive resource listings include wilderness agencies, gear suppliers, and online information sources. Published April 05

ISBN: 9781578051236 - Walking Softly in the Wilderness


The Greatest Guide to Walking and Mountain Hiking, Mark Elliot - This book is packed with useful advice and information for walkers of all levels. If you want to know how to choose walking boots, take a compass bearing or know the environmentally-friendly way to 'poo' in the woods, then this book is for you. The Greatest Guide to Walking and Mountain Hiking is essential reading for all new walkers but experienced walkers will also pick up many new tips by reading it. Published July 11. K

ISBN: 9781907906121 - The Greatest Guide to Walking and Mountain Hiking

Navigation, Pete Hawkins - A handy practical guide to help you get the most from your Map and Compass. Aimed at Walkers and other users of the outdoors, the book systematically takes you through the essential skills of navigation. It includes lots of practical exercises to help you back up your new found knowledge. Published March 13.


Advanced Outdoor Navigation: Basics and Beyond, Gregory J. Davenport - This guide takes readers well beyond the basic skills of map and compass, moving them to a level of complete understanding of navigation in the outdoors, regardless of terrain, time (day or night), or travel (rock, ice, desert, river, open sea, or jungle). As one of the most thorough books on the subject, Advanced Outdoor Navigation complements Falcon's successful list of navigation titles by going beyond the basics and offering readers the most comprehensive study of navigational skills ever published. Published Jan 06. Limited availability.

ISBN: 9780762737062 - Advanced Outdoor Navigation: Basics and Beyond

Mountaineering, The Essential Skills for Mountain Walkers and Climbers, Alun Richardson - Mountaineering is aimed at anyone interested in outdoor pursuits on hills and mountains - including hill walkers, climbers, mountaineers and members of adventure expeditions. The book contains step-by-step guidance to every skill that you need in order to be safe on the mountain, including: navigation weather rock climbing Via Ferrata big wall climbing winter climbing Alpine climbing snow shoeing ski mountaineering. Each skill is clearly explained and supported with illustrations and stunning 'on location' photography. It will cover skills and techniques of all levels of activity, making it suitable for beginners and experienced climbers. Published Sept 08. K

Navigation in the Mountains: The Definitive Guide for Hill Walkers, Mountaineers & Leaders - the Official Navigation Book for All Mountain Leader Training Schemes, Carlo Forte - Written by one of the best known navigation instructors in the UK this is the definitive and comprehensive 'how to navigate' textbook. It covers every aspect of mountain navigation; summer, winter and overseas, using traditional map and compass as well as devices such as GPS and digital software applications. Published July 12

Ultimate Navigation Manual, Lyle Brotherton - All the techniques you need to become an expert navigator. The Ultimate Navigation Manual is a unique guide to finding your way on land – from the basic principles right up to the advanced technology of GPS. Designed to allow even the absolute beginner to find their way anywhere in the world, it also develops a unique confidence in navigation – with or without technical aids. Published Sept 11. K

ISBN: 9780007424603 - Ultimate Navigation Manual

Map and Compass: The Art of Navigation, Pete Hawkins - This comprehensive guidebook to navigation with a map and compass, but also with advice about using GPS and digital mapping systems, aims to help readers make the most of their outdoor experiences by learning how to use the map compass correctly. The techniques described will give readers the freedom to get away from the crowds, invent their own routes and discover new areas, even where the GPS fails. Chapters cover understanding a map, features, grid refs, contours; planning walks carefully; taking bearings, walking with a compass; timing, pacing and other techniques; what to do when you get lost and in poor visibility or darkness; navigating abroad and GPS and other digital technology. Packed with useful practical exercises and examples. Written by an experienced navigation trainer. Published March 13.

Rucksack Guide - Mountain Walking and Trekking Rucksack Guide, Alun Richardson -  Mountain Walking and Trekking is your essential handbook for when on the mountain. It offers concise guidance and support for whatever situations you might find yourself in, including: technical skills - tips and reminders on the key techniques weather - from interpreting weather maps to dealing with thunderstorms navigation - various techniques including using a compass the setting the map safety - essential procedures to ensure the safety of yourself, your party and others on the mountain emergencies - guidance on what to do in extreme situations. The book is colour-coded for easy reference and all information is presented in lists and tables, making it simple to understand interesting conditions. The Rucksack Guide series is taken from Mountaineering: The essential skills for mountain walkers and climbers - the definitive handbook for hill walkers, climbers and mountaineers.  Published September 08

ISBN: 9780713686876 - Rucksack Guide - Mountain Walking and Trekking

The Mountain Skills Training Handbook, Pete Hill - This is a complete guide to all aspects of climbing and mountaineering across the seasons for both instructors and amateur climbers alike. It is extensively revised and updated with the latest safety guidance, techniques and equipment designs. It includes practical instruction and clear diagrams and photographs that cover all of the techniques, equipment and skills for safe and enjoyable climbing all year round. It is written by two of the UK's foremost mountaineering experts. Published Oct 11

Navigation for Walkers, Julian Tippett - "Navigation for Walkers" has established itself as the leading authority on map reading for those taking up outdoor pursuits in the UK. It is a tried and tested book which was the first to cover this important skill. This 2nd edition has been updated to include a chapter on digital navigation, has an improved hill navigation section and uses references to current mapping appropriate to outdoor pursuits. Only with a good understanding of maps can anybody truly experience the freedom of walking centuries old paths, bridleways and green lanes which make up the thousands of miles of public rights of way that criss-cross often remote open countryside - a copy of Navigation for Walkers in a rucksack will be worth its weight in gold. Aimed at the beginner and those looking to refresh their knowledge, the author's technique of using his photographs to graphically link the features on the ground to those on the map makes learning easy and fun. Published Nov 09

Outdoor Safety & Survival, Mike Nash - Mike shares what he has learned about outdoor safety and survival during nearly thirty years of year-round treks into the rugged backcountry mountain ranges of western Canada. This dynamic and up-to-date handbook discusses ways to prepare for and deal with any number of critical situations that may arise in remote, mountain terrain and is packed with information on: general safety principals; what to take with you; finding your way; coping with year-round weather conditions; avalanches and landslides; unexpected overnight trips; wildlife encounters; communication strategies. Published May 12 K

Safety on Mountains, BMC - For new and experienced hill walkers, "Safety on Mountains" is full of advice for hill walkers. Whether planning a short summer walk or a multi-day winter trip, "Safety on Mountains" highlights the essential skills and techniques. Topics covered include: clothing and equipment, hazards, mountain weather, navigation, walking in winter - including axe & crampon use, camping in the hills, access and conservation, emergency procedures and first aid. Published by the British Mountaineering Council, "Safety on Mountains" has been in print for over thirty years. Published Oct 10

Pocket First Aid and Wilderness Medicine, Drs Jim Duff and Peter Gormley - This long established guide to first aid in the wild when you depend entirely on your own knowledge and resources now joins the Cicerone stable. It is written by doctors with major outdoor experience. This guide to first aid sets out clearly the protocols and procedures to follow. It talks about: preparation of first aid kits, and good preventative practice; dealing with life-threatening emergencies; specific injuries, such as head injuries, burns, broken bones, sprains; and problems associated with location, such as cold or hot weather, altitude, dehydration, food poisoning and digestive disorders, infectious diseases, bites and stings, rashes and respiratory problems. All topics are clearly referenced, and easy to refer to. It is an invaluable point of reference for all who travel and take part in outdoor, wilderness and mountain activities. Published Nov 12

Pocket First Aid and Wilderness Medicine

Mountain Navigation, Peter Cliff - This is a first class guide to learning the basics of navigation. The language is easy to follow, being clear and to the point. Clear diagrams give pictorial assistance. This book is also useful to experienced navigators who wish to polish up their skills or need to remind themselves of lesser used skills. Buyer Review. Published May 91. Revised 2006.

Safety on Mountains: Clothing, Equipment, Navigation, Hazards, Camping, Environment, Emergencies, John Garside - For new and experienced hill walkers, "Safety on Mountains" is full of advice for hill walkers. Whether planning a short summer walk or a multi-day winter trip, "Safety on Mountains" highlights the essential skills and techniques. Topics covered include: clothing and equipment, hazards, mountain weather, navigation, walking in winter - including axe & crampon use, camping in the hills, access and conservation, emergency procedures and first aid. Published by the British Mountaineering Council, "Safety on Mountains" has been in print for over thirty years. This concise new edition is excellent value and packed with up to date information, making it the perfect hill walker's handbook. Published Oct 10

Winter Skills: Essential Walking and Climbing Techniques, Andy Cunningham and Allen Fyffe - This is a reference book for winter walkers and climbers. This is a reference manual for mountaineers and those who wish to instruct, coach and lead others. Written by a mountain guide and a mountaineering instructor, its functional design with easy-reference colour-coded pages and full colour images that complement the text and accurate relief and line maps make it an indispensable guide to the skills required for winter walking and climbing. Packed with essential information and techniques for climbers and walkers, this book is Mountain Leader Training UK's official handbook for the Mountaineering Instructor (MI) and Winter Mountain Leader (WML) Schemes. Published Jan 07

The Hillwalker's Guide to Mountaineering: Essential Skills for Britain's Classic Routes, Terry Adby and Stuart Johnston - A guide to the techniques, gear and skills that the ambitious hillwalker needs to tackle Britain's classic mountaineering challenges - from the tricky step of Broad Stand on the traverse from Scafell Pike to Sca Fell, to the mighty Tower Ridge on Ben Nevis - competently. There was a time when climbing and walking were completely distinct activities. But as the number of people getting out to enjoy the wonders and challenges of Britain's mountains has grown, the definition of a mountain 'walk' has changed. The book guides the hillwalker through technical terrain where the unaware can all too easily fall off. Use of the rope to abseil, belay and protect ascents and descents on steep ground, the placement of protection, gear selection, navigation, survival, scrambling and first aid skills are all dealt with as are the basic skills required for safe travel by the winter hillwalker. Features 12 great British mountaineering routes - such as the Aonach Eagach in Glen Coe, Pinnacle Ridge in the Lake District, the Cneifion Arete in Snowdonia, and Skye's wonderful Cuillin Ridge - where the practical skills may be applied when the necessary techniques, abilities and confidence have been acquired. Published Oct 03

The Mountain Skills Training Handbook, Pete Hill, Stuart Johnston - The book delivers an interactive learning style that enables a broad selection of users to relate to its content, and will become invaluable for both instructors and enthusiasts. The techniques, methods, and tips described and illustrated have derived from the authors' own experiences of delivering quality instruction at the highest level, and from studying and discussing good working practices from a broad range of other active top level practitioners. Published April 09

ISBN: 9780715318485 - The Mountain Skills Training Handbook

The Natural Navigator, Tristan Gooley - Get ready to put away your map and look up from your GPS with this glorious introduction to the art of finding your way using natural clues. Published March 14. K

ISBN: 9781905264940 - The Natural Navigator

The Walker's Guide to Outdoors Clues and Signs, Tristan Gooley - The ultimate guide to what the land, sun, moon, stars, trees, plants, animals, sky and clouds can reveal - when you know what to look for. Published May 15. K

The Ultimate Hillwalking Skills Handbook, Chris Bagshaw (editor) - The only book on getting the most out of a day in the hills that the keen walker will ever need. It has vital information on dealing with emergencies as well as advice on buying the best equipment, guidance on maintaining fitness and invaluable lessons in route planning and navigation. It is practical and has an appealing style with great colour photographs. It comes in a handy flexi-bound format, and is hardwearing. It is in an ideal size for a rucksack pocket. Published April 06. Limited availability.

ISBN: 9780715322543 - The Ultimate Hillwalking Skills Handbook


Hill Walking: The Official Handbook of the Mountain Leader and Walking Group Leader Schemes, Steve Long - This is a major reference book for every walker as well as for those who wish to lead groups in the British hills. It's functional design with easy reference colour coded pages, striking illustrations that complement the text and accurate mapping make this book an indispensable guide to the skills required for summer hill walking. The publisher (Mountain Leader Training) has been at the forefront in the development of walker's skills for forty years. This book is the first of a series of manuals for walkers and climbers and has been produced by collaboration between the authors at the Mountain Training Trust's centre, Plas y Brenin, and experts within Mountain Leader Training. Published April 03

The Hillwalker's Manual, Bill Birkett - This is the second edition of this guide, fully updated and printed in colour. The manual describes what to wear, how to use the right equipment, how to navigate terrain, scale and traverse the hills, and imparts an overall awareness of the concept of survival. It also includes information on hillwalking photography. Published May 04 K

ISBN: 9781852843410 - The Hillwalker's Manual

The Outdoor Survival Handbook, Rob Beattie - Whether you are an accomplished adventurer or new to exploring the wilderness, and whether you’re travelling alone or as part of a group, The Outdoor Survival Handbook will provide you with all the essential support for your expedition, whether on dry land or at sea. It contains all of the techniques, diagrams, instructions and advice needed to ensure a safe, enjoyable experience in the great outdoors. Published April 12

Hiking: The Essential Guide to Equipment and Techniques, Jacques Marais - "Hiking" is an introduction to a pastime enjoyed by people of all ages throughout the western world. Whether your preference is for an easy walk in the woods or a multi-day effort in the wilderness, there are certain things you need to know in order to make the most of the experience.This book provides all the information you will need to ensure a safe and pleasant walk. Chapters deal with how to plan anything from an overnight trail in bedded huts to an expedition requiring you to be more self-sufficient; how to assess your fitness level for the trail you have in mind; respecting the natural environment; gear requirements; simple navigation and essential first aid, as well as setting up and maintaining a campsite. Published Jan 09. Limited availability.

Hiking (101 Essential Tips), Hugh McManners  - Bite-size points about preparation, what to wear, equipment, navigation, camping and personal safety. Published Sept 04. Limited availability.


Mountaincraft and Leadership, Eric Langmuir - Although the book does contain quite a bit of information useful to beginners, it is most useful for those who already have basic skills and want to learn a leader's perspective on backcountry activities. The beginner's perspective is certainly there, and respected, but mostly for the purpose of encouraging empathy and foresightedness in expedition leaders. Those who already have leadership experience in other areas will find the book vital to learning how to apply their skills to specific backcountry situations. Complete beginners should start with another book. Buyer Review. Published Jan 13.

ISBN: 9781850602958 - Mountaincraft and Leadership

Outdoor Navigation - Finding Your Way on Mountain and Moorland, Kevin Walker - a beginner's guide to finding your way. His simple techniques give walkers the freedom of the hills, providing them with confidence and a greater appreciation of the landscape. Part One covers maps, mapping and map interpretation, and shows how to use a map to give an incredibly detailed picture of the terrain. Part Two is concerned with compasses and bearings, and explains how simple techniques can give an accurate measure of direction in even the thickest mist. Part Three contains a whole range of additional techniques for use in poor visibility, featureless terrain and other difficult situations. Part Four deals with the real art of navigation - how to work out where you are when you think you are lost. Published April 07. Limited availability.



GPS for Walkers: An Introduction to GPS and Digital Maps, Clive Thomas - This easy-to-use guide, written by experienced mountain leader and navigation trainer Clive Thomas, uses non-technical language to introduce you to choosing and using a gps receiver to enhance leisure walking and make it safer. It includes everything you need to know, with expert tips, reliable advice, valuable information and practical guidance. Using the basic entry-level Garmin etrex, the guide includes: how a gps functions; how to navigate using a gps; its practical uses when walking; using a gps with a PC; using a gps with Pathfinder® walks; the use of digital Map Products; map reading, useful websites and answers to FAQ; the treasure-hunt game geocaching. Published May 09

ISBN: 9780711744455 - GPS for Walkers

Getting to Grips with GPS, Peter Judd and Simon Brown - This book has been written specifically for the UK market. As well as addressing the technology associated with GPS receivers, the authors look at how this interacts with the various digital mapping products available. Expert tips and learning exercises will help consolidate your learning as you increase your understanding. Using step-by-step screen shots as a reference tool you will find quick solutions to: Setting up your GPS; marking a waypoint; saving a tracklog; navigating a route and using your GPS abroad. Published March 06

Getting to Grips with GPS: Mastering the Skills of GPS Navigation and Digital Mapping

Geocaching (Techniques), Terry Marsh - Geocaching, or high-tech treasure hunting, only became possible in 2000 with the release of accurate GPS technology for non-military use. It first began in the US and since then has grown to such an extent that there are almost one million caches worldwide. Local groups hold regular events throughout the UK and it's a great way to share your love of the outdoors with others. This is the first UK-oriented guide to this most addictive of outdoor pursuits. Primarily designed as an introduction for those new to geocaching, it also offers lots of advice and information for anyone already bitten by the bug. It is a step-by-step guide to a new, accessible, family-friendly outdoor pursuit. Published Sept 14. K

ISBN: 9781852846091 - Geocaching

Outdoor Navigation with GPS, Stephen Hinch - This is the most complete, easy-to-use GPS book available written by an acclaimed GPS instructor and aimed at outdoor adventurers of all kinds, covering the fundamentals of navigation and the latest in GPS receivers and technology, including GPS-enabled phones. For outdoor adventurers who hike, fish, kayak, cross-country ski, or mountain bike in the backcountry, a GPS receiver can help them reach their destination and return safely - but only if they know how to use it! Here is the guide to getting the most out of a GPS receiver, from basic consumer advice to advanced techniques. Published Nov 10. K



GPS: The Easy Way, David Anthony Brawn - GPS The Easy Way is the only GPS manual that discusses the use of GPS in UK and Europe, and the only one using Ordnance Survey examples for the practical exercises. An essential book for anyone thinking of buying a GPS, or who wants to get the best from their GPS unit. Published Jan 06

GPS Made Easy, Lawrence Letham - A popular book and it's broad perspective that goes from beginner to expert tells us why. All the basics are covered and are easy to understand yet it does not patronise and leaves few stones unturned. Even better you can pick this up a beginner and put it down an expert. It's both technical and well written in an accessible way. Published June 08

GPS Navigation for Dummies, Joel McNamara - Offers down-to-earth guidance for hikers, cross-country skiers, ATVers, and other outdoor enthusiasts who own or are thinking of buying a GPS receiver, as well as people interested in digital map-making. Published Oct 08. K

A GPS User Manual: Working with Garmin Receivers, Dale DePriest. Published June 03

ISBN: 9781403398246 - A GPS User Manual


Basic Essentials Using GPS, Bruce Grubbs - Written in simple language, with each new term explained as it's used, this book is a wealth of useful backcountry navigation advice for beginners and experts alike. It also includes information on using GPS with the latest mapping software. Published Sept 05

ISBN: 9780762734214 - Basic Essentials

How to Do Everything with Your GPS, Rick Broida - Locate this perfect teaching guide to GPS, and master GPS receivers and software. Technology guru Rick Broida, who has written many best-selling books in the How to Do Everything series, maps out the guts of GPS in a friendly, helpful way that shows you how to get the most from this new technology. Master GPS receivers and software, use GPS in cars, PDAs, and laptops, and even go GPS golfing or try geocaching, the new game featuring GPS. Published Dec 03.

ISBN: 9780072231717 - How to Do Everything with Your GPS

Hacking GPS, Kathy Kingsley-Hughes - This is the "user manual" that didn't come with any of the 30 million GPS receivers currently in use, showing readers how to modify, tweak, and hack their GPS to take it to new levels! Crazy-cool modifications include exploiting secret keycodes, revealing hidden features, building power cords and cables, hacking the battery and antenna, protecting a GPS from impact and falls, making a screen protector, and solar-powering a GPS Potential power users will take the function and performance of their GPS to a whole new level by hacking into the firmware and hacking into a PC connection with a GPS Fear not! Any potentially dangerous mod (to the device) is clearly labeled, with precautions listed that should be taken Game time! Readers can check out GPS games, check into hacking geocaching, and even use a GPS as a metal detector. Published March 05. Limited availability.

ISBN: 9780764584244 - Hacking GPS

Navigating with a GPS, Pete Hawkins - When GPSs first went on sale to an expectant outdoor market, many commentators were gleefully signaling the demise of traditional map and compass skills on the hill. Wild claims were made by manufacturers and early adopters alike which were vigorously rebutted by the traditionalists. Since then the units have dropped dramatically in price whilst the range of functions they offer have increased. Some units can now display proper mapping for example, and with the ability to link your GPS to your computer's mapping software, you could be easily persuaded that these siren calls have been proved right - traditional navigation has died. However don't write the obituary yet. Having good map and compass skills is essential for getting the best out of your GPS and as an essential back-up if the unit fails. Alongside the rapid development of the GPS has come the ready availability of digital mapping software and other technological gizmos to tempt the techie walker.In this practical guide to navigating with a GPS, navigation expert Pete Hawkins explains how to get the best from your GPS. Published June 08. Limited availability.

The GPS Handbook: A Guide for the Outdoors, Joseph E. King, Robert I. Egbert - Since the original publication of "The GPS Handbook" in 2003, advances in GPS technology have expanded the usefulness and flexibility of these now-essential devices for any outdoorsperson. This revised edition includes all the latest models of hand-held GPS units from Garmin, Magellan, Brunton and other major manufacturers and discusses new features (such as enhanced downloadable maps) that help make time in the outdoors safer, easier, and more fun with GPS. Also included is information on how GPS works, linking to laptops, cell phones and PDA's, co-ordinating with maps, software options, and much more. Published Aug 09 K



Map Reading, Robert Matkin - A concise guide enabling the map user to gain a practical understanding of map navigation and answer questions such as 'where am I?', 'which way do I go?', 'how steep is it?' and 'how far is it?'. Published March 97

Map Reading

Compass and Map Navigator, Michael Hodgson - Explains how to read a map, find your location, orient the map without a compass, pick a compass, navigate at night, use a map and compass in tandem and achieve advanced navigational skills. Enables you to navigate the wilds. Published April 01. Limited availability.



Mapping Hacks, Schuyler Erle, Rich Gibson, Jo Walsh - Since the dawn of creation, man has designed maps to help identify the space that we occupy. From Lewis and Clark's pencil-sketched maps of mountain trails to Jacques Cousteau's sophisticated charts of the ocean floor, creating maps of the utmost precision has been a constant pursuit. So why should things change now? Well, they shouldn't. The reality is that map creation, or "cartography," has only improved in its ease-of-use over time. In fact, with the recent explosion of inexpensive computing and the growing availability of public mapping data, map-making today extends all the way to the ordinary PC user. "Mapping Hacks", the latest page-turner from O'Reilly Press, tackles this notion head on. It's a collection of one hundred simple - and mostly free - techniques available to developers and power users who want draw digital maps or otherwise visualize geographic data. Authors Schuyler Erle, Rich Gibson, and Jo Walsh do more than just illuminate the basic concepts of location and cartography, they walk you through the process one step at a time. "Mapping Hacks" shows you where to find the best sources of geographic data, and then how to integrate that data into your own map. But that's just an appetizer. This comprehensive resource also shows you how to interpret and manipulate unwieldy cartography data, as well as how to incorporate personal photo galleries into your maps. It even provides practical uses for GPS (Global Positioning System) devices - those touch-of-a-button street maps integrated into cars and mobile phones. Published June 05

ISBN: 9780596007034 - Mapping Hacks

Map Reading Skills: An Introduction to Map Reading and Basic Navigation (Pathfinder Guide), Terry Marsh -  With Ordnance Survey maps now showing open access areas which walkers can explore freely, there has never been a better time to enjoy the countryside. And here is the ideal guide to help you do just that. This book is the perfect solution for walkers who want to learn basic map reading and navigation skills and discover how to use and get the best from their compass. The guide is fully illustrated with maps, diagrams and photographs. Published April 08  

ISBN: 9780711749788 - Pathfinder Map Reading Skills

Be Expert with Map and Compass: The Complete Orienteering Handbook,  Bjorn Kjellstrom GPS devices are great, but they can break, get lost, or easily be hampered by weather conditions, making basic map and compass skills essential for anyone who spends time outdoors. This popular, easy–to–use orienteering handbook has been helping people find their way for more than fifty years. Now updated to include information on GPS as well as current Web sites, references, sources, and photographs, it remains the book of choice for professional outdoorsmen, novice orienteers, and outdoor organizations as well as teachers, scout leaders, recreational hikers, hunters, and others around the world. Published Dec 09. K



Mountain Weather: A Practical Guide for Hillwalkers and Climbers in the British Isles, David E. Pedgley - Do you want to get weather wise? This third edition of the successful "Mountain Weather" helps hillwalkers and climbers to plan their activities so as to avoid the inconvenience, or even danger, posed by bad weather. The book provides an understanding of our complex and ever-changing weather that will enhance the mountain experience for all outdoor enthusiasts. Based on the latest weather research, and illustrated with maps and satellite imagery, the guide helps you to understand weather maps and forecasts and to 'read the weather' on the hills. With experience, you can develop the skills not only to interpret forecasts, but to anticipate changes in the weather by reading the environment around you. Published March 06. K

ISBN: 9781852844806 - Mountain Weather


Weather Watching - This work is a lively introduction to the weather, how it affects us and how it relates to the world around us. "Collins Need to Know? Weather Watching" is a practical guide to understanding common and extreme conditions. This very practical beginner's guide to weather watching offers a lot of valuable advice and insider tips on what to do in the event of a hurricane warning, how to predict unusual and extreme events, where to go to make the best observations for DIY forecasts and tips on recognising unusual and extreme events. Published Aug 06. Limited availability.

Weather for Hillwalkers and Climbers, Nick Banks (Foreword), Malcolm Thomas - Primarily aimed at hillwalkers and climbers, this book provides a basic understanding of weather terminology, of depressions, warm and cold fronts and airmasses, as well as hints on observation for making short-term forecasts. Published Jan 97

ISBN: 9780750910804 - Weather for Hillwalkers and Climbers