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Best Walks - Grisedale Pike and Hopegill Head

Grisedale Pike Summit with a little bit of snow

Introduction to the Walk
This excellent circular walk starts near the small village of Braithwaite, which is near Keswick. It climbs over two famous mountains; Grisedale Pike (791m) and Hopegill Head (770) before descending to Coledale Hause and out on a good wide track.

As you leave Braithwaite and drive up the start of the steep Whinlatter Pass you will very quickly see a car park on the left. This is just a small car park with space for around 7 cars, so arrive early to ensure you can get a space.

The Route

Stage 1
Exit the car park from the right hand side, if you were looking at the car park from the road (not through the gate). This is take you immediately on to a small footpath through some trees that ascends right from the start. If you find yourself on a fairly level, open, wide track you need to go back to the car park and walk out the other side!

Stage 2
Once out of the car park, navigation to the top of Grisedale Pike is fairly simple, you just need to keep following the obviously path that ascends straight to the top. There will be smaller paths that head down into the forest, however, just ignore all of these. While navigation is simple this is a fairly relentless, steep walk, so just take your time and remember to stop just to admire the view.

Stage 3
Once at the top of Grisedale Pike you need to continue along the ridge to reach Hopegill Head. Be aware you will first have a small ring contour (known as a false summit), to go over. Therefore, from Grisedale Pike, first descend down slightly in following the south-westerly path, next go up and down the small false summit, continue along the ridge until you reach the next summit and this will be Hopegill Head.

Stage 4
Once on Hopegill Head make sure you descend in a South East direction along a path over Sandy Hill. Be careful not to descend on the Westerly path that takes you further along the ridge and down to the wrong section of the Lake District. If the cloud is low, use you compass to make sure that you are infact going to Sandy Hill, which had a cairn on the top.

Stage 5
From Sandy Hill descend further down to Coledale Hause. Once here you need to ascend very slightly before you will see your path on the left which descends further downhill. Follow this footpath, which descends down to Coledale Beck and a disused mine.

Stage 6
After crossing the beck you will join a good wide track, follow this along the side of the beck all the way back down to the car park.

Map of the Route


Walking can be a dangerous activity, all information provided here has been done so free of charge and we can take no responsibility for the accuracy of that information. Please make sure you do all your own research and understand how to equip yourself and know how to use a map and compass before undertaking any walk.
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