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Best Walks - Fishguard to Pwll Deri - 9.2 miles (14.8km)

Ruin at Cwm-yr-Eglwys

Introduction to the Walk
This is the third day of The Pembrokeshire coastal path, and the shortest day of the trail so far. However, there are excellent views throughout the 9.2 miles, including walking through some very special areas, such as Strumble Head.

There are a few large car parks in Fishguard, including the one the trail starts in for the day. There are no car parks in Pwll Deri, however there is a large layby on the side of the road that makes for an excellent parking place. However, since this is a linear route you will either need the use of two cars or you will need to make use of the local taxis to get you from the finish back to the start.

The Route

Stage 1
Firstly you will need to make your way out of Fishguard. From the main road look out for a sign post that takes you into the car park (or start in this car park), go through the car park and you will see a path leading out of it, take this path. You will soon come to a secluded residential area that the path zig-zag through and brings you around the coast along a tarmacked walkway and eventually out to where you can see the main road again.

Stage 2
Take some steps down to the main road and follow this past a playpark and into another car park. You will need to keep aware of the signs here, as leading out of the carpark do not take the main road, but instead take a smaller road that leads you to the Quay. Donít be nervous once you reach the ferry port, the high security can be rather off putting, but you are in the right place. You will follow the trail down the right hand side (as you look at it), of the fenced off security area. Look out for the large metal bridge over the fenced off area, as you will be using that to take you up to the hillside.

Stage 3
Once you have used the large metal bridge to cross over the road, you will ascend to the hill side and soon join a smaller road to the hotel. Keep aware of the signs here and you need to turn left once the hotel is insight to ascend higher up into another residential road. Follow this road right to the end and you will be back on the coastal path.

Stage 4
Once on the coastal path navigation becomes much easier again! The path is fairly open, with excellent views throughout. You will soon reach a memorial stone, continue along the coastal path right up to the lighthouse at Strumble Head.

Stage 5
From Strumble Head continue along the coastal path, whereby the character of the path changes slightly and become both more rocky and more undulating. However, the effort is well worth the scenery and it will not take long for you to reach Pwll Deri.

Map of the Route


Walking can be a dangerous activity, all information provided here has been done so free of charge and we can take no responsibility for the accuracy of that information. Please make sure you do all your own research and understand how to equip yourself and know how to use a map and compass before undertaking any walk.
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