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Swiss Topo Maps:1:25,000. 271 titles.
Detailed composite 1:25 000 maps of popular areas of Switzerland.

2510T: Luzern Pilatus-Rigi Region

Swiss Topo Maps: 1:50,000. 173 titles. Official maps of the Swiss Hiking Federation. These maps of the T series show the network of marked paths as well as the postal bus lines and stops. Additional tourist information is given on the back.

214T: Liestal

Swiss Topo Maps: 1:100,000. 23 titles. Composite Maps of Switzerland divided up in to 10 areas. The accurate topographic map of Switzerland for cyclists, motorcyclists and motorists as well as travellers and adventurers. Complete rail network, all freeways and highways, all major roads and routes. Freeways, rest areas and major roads are labelled. Distinct representations of settled areas and terrain. Many shown objects are labelled.

Geneva City Maps:

ITMB, ITMB Publishing specialise in areas that are interesting, exotic and off the beaten track. The publisher recognised some years ago that there was a lack of maps for various areas of the world and has an ambitious publishing program. The format and style vary due to the fact that many of the maps are produced in the country of origin but all are published for the English speaking traveller. This means that in addition to the wealth of detail - many of the maps are strong on the physical features of the various countries - there is usually informative text included with the map, dealing with the history, culture, etc. The maps are light, practical and should be invaluable for the backpacker, traveller or tourist. Scale 1:6,000. Published 2014.

Footprint Geneva Popout Map, Explore Geneva with ease with the help of this genuinely pocket-sized map. Small in size yet big on detail, this compact, dependable map will ensure you don't miss a thing. * Includes 2 PopOut maps - a detailed street map of central Geneva and a street map of the greater city area * Additional maps of the area surrounding Lake Geneva and the United Nations complex are also included * Ingenious, self-folding map is small enough to fit in your pocket yet offers extensive coverage of the city in an easy-to-use format. Published 2012.

Geneva PopOut Map: Footprint

Freytag and Berndt, Large scale street plan of Geneva, fully indexed. All roads are shown, with clear distinctions between dual carriageways, through roads, and secondary roads. Railway lines and stations are marked, as are public buildings, pedestrian zones, forests/parks, and industrial zones. Points of interest such as sporting facilities, historical sites, zoos, commercial centres are displayed, as well as post offices, hospitals, police stations and cemeteries. Scale 1:10,000. Published 2009.

Switzerland Marco Polo Map - Marco Polo maps feature completely up-to-date, digitally generated mapping. The high quality cartography with distance indicators and scale converters aid route planning. The extensive coverage of the maps enables travellers to cross country boundaries with the same map. A fold-out overview map is ideal for route planning and 7 self-adhesive Marco Polo mark-it stickers can be used to pin-point a destination or route for future reference. Scenic routes and places of interest are highlighted - ideal for touring holidays. 4 city maps: Basel, Bern, Geneve and Zurich. Comprehensive index. The map scale is 1: 303 000. Published May 11

ISBN: 9783829767170 - Switzerland Marco Polo Map

Michelin 2015 Switzerland National Map. Scale 1:400,000. Published Jan 15.

Michelin Map 551 Regional. Switzerland North. Scale 1:200,000. Published Aug 12

Michelin Map 552 Regional. Switzerland South-West. Scale 1:200,000. Published Aug 12.

Michelin Map Switzerland: Southeast 553. Scale 1:200,000. Published July 12



The Swiss Alps, Kev Reynolds - The Swiss Alps are home to the highest and most spectacular mountains in Western Europe, beloved not only of mountaineers, from the earliest days of alpinism to the present day, but also those content simply to gaze and wonder. This unique resource for the climber, walker, trekker and ski mountaineer, the latest volume in Cicerone's World Mountain Ranges series, describes each mountain area throughout Switzerland - the peaks, passes, valleys and bases - to help readers identify the best destinations for their chosen mountain activity. Lavishly illustrated throughout, and with scores of expertly drawn maps, this is the essential guide for all active visitors to one of Europe's most mountainous, and beautiful, countries. Includes descriptions of all the Swiss Alps, area-by-area from the Chablais Alps in the south west to the Silvretta in the north east, with classic walks and climbs identified, alongside outlines of all the major hut-to-hut trekking routes. Full information on maps, guides and accommodation is provided, pinpointing all the mountain huts in the area. Published Jan 12. K

ISBN: 9781852844653 - The Swiss Alps

Walks in the Engadine - Switzerland: 100 walks and Treks, Kev Reynolds - Tucked away in the south-east corner of Switzerland, the Engadine is a region of lakes and mountains, home of the country's only national park, guardian of the Romansch language and location for some of the most sublime villages in all the Alps. In this long-awaited second of edition of his guide, Kev Reynolds has selected more than 100 of his favourite routes that not only reveal breathtaking views, but take the walker into secretive inner glens and onto remote alp pastures bypassed by the 21st century. Graceful Piz Bernina, glacier-hung Piz Pal, the bold granite form of Piz Badile - these form part of the backdrop. But there are other peaks, too, that the modest walker can climb, and snow-free passes that link one enchanting valley to another. Published May 05 K

ISBN: 9781852844509 - Walks in the Engadine - Switzerland

Walking in the Valais - Switzerland: 120 Walks and Treks, Kev Reynolds - A guide to walking routes in the Swiss Valais in the Pennine Alps. In this, the fourth edition of his popular guide, Kev Reynolds has selected and described 120 routes that represent the very best of this magical region. Walking in the Valais is your passport to some memorable walking holidays in this Alpine wonderland. The Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, Zinarothorn, Ober Gabelhorn, Dent Blanche, Weisshorn, Bietschhorn, Grand Combin - these are some of the most dramatic mountains in Europe. Here they form a backdrop to a series of routes that should answer the dreams of any keen mountain walker. Best known, perhaps, for the resorts of Zermatt and Saas Fee, the Valais district of Switzerland is also the location of the Lotschental and Turtmanntal, the Vals d'Anniviers, Herens, Bagnes and Ferret - valleys in which there are numerous alp hamlets nestling among the pastures. There are also dozens of small lakes, the longest glacier in the Alps, pristine snowfields, meadows full of flowers, marmots that will eat out of your hand, and no shortage of accommodation, ranging from low-cost dormitories and campsites to the grandest of hotels. Published April 14. K

Walking in the Bernese Oberland, Kev Reynolds - Over 100 walking routes in the Bernese Alps are described in this guidebook. It is an indispensable companion to the Bernese Oberland region that boasts famous peaks such as the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau. But there are lesser-known mountains, too, that are just as scenically dramatic, and in their shadow peaceful villages and seemingly forgotten hamlets are lodged in spectacular locations. Add to that the romantic valleys, lakes, flower-filled meadows and a network of mountain huts and rustic inns for those who want to experience the Alps of the Victorian pioneers, and you'll understand why the Bernese Alps seduce the connoisseur back year after year. The guide is divided into sections on particular areas in the Bernese Oberland, for example, Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen, Meiringen, Kandersteg, Griesalp and others. Additionally, the guidebook includes useful practical information on getting to and around the region, where to stay and how to prepare for a trip into the Bernese Alps. Published May 15. K

Tour of the Bernina - 9 day tour in Switzerland and Italy, Gillian Price - This guidebook describes two treks in the Bernina region of the Swiss-Italian Alps. The Tour of the Bernina covers 119km in nine stages circling the Piz Bernina massif. Five days are spent in Switzerland and four in Italy, however a number of inviting extensions and detours are also described which add at least two days to the total. The tour is suitable for trekkers with basic alpine walking experience. While the highest point reached is 3002m, there are no glacier crossings en route. The Alta Via Valmalenco in Italy is a shorter, 8-stage trek over 94km, but is a more challenging route suitable for trekkers with more experience. Almost every stage of both treks can be accessed from a valley floor and public transport, opening the door to multiple variants and shorter treks. Detailed stage by stage route descriptions are given in combination with plenty of background and practical information. Published March 15. K

Bernese Oberland (Alpine Club Guides) - This Cordee guidebook describes routes on over 100 peaks and passes in the region including routes on all the 4000m peaks as well as on other major peaks such as the Eiger, Beitschhorn and Wetterhorn as well as on many less well-known summits. There is something for everyone be they alpine novice or an experienced alpinist. The area itself is surrounded by many crags on which sports climbing has been developed alongside traditional rock routes on both granite and limestone. Over 200 routes are described in places such as the Grimsel Pass, Leysin, Engelhorner, Salbitschijen and Argentine. Particular attention has been paid to the Salbitschijen area, with descriptions of some of the finest granite ridge and face climbs in the Alps. Published March 03

The Tour of the Matterhorn: A Trekking Guide, Hilary Sharp - A guide to the superb 145km trek around the iconic Matterhorn, walking anti-clockwise from Zermatt, with a huge variety of scenery and culture. As the Matterhorn straddles the Swiss / Italian frontier, the trek visits both Switzerland and Italy, each with its own unique traditions, way of life and scenery. The Tour goes over high passes reached by delightful footpaths and through charming alpine villages where life has hardly changed for centuries, providing a precious insight into local life. Not only is the Matterhorn seen from all sides, but there are also superb vantage points for views of many of the other high summits of the region. The Tour of the Matterhorn has been documented only in the last few years but the paths it uses are often ancient ways over passes leading from one valley to another. The tour includes two glacier crossings and usually takes about eight to ten days to complete. This guide includes suggestions for shorter variants as well as information for the ascent of peaks along the way. Published April 06. K

Walking Easy: in the Swiss and Austrian Alps, Chet Lipton - Stretch your legs and your sense of adventure! Become an Easy Walker and enjoy the wonderful walking trails found in the Swiss and Austrian Alps. Using this guide and its maps, you can explore beautiful footpaths through mountain meadows and hamlets. Choose routes starting from one of the nineteen base villages selected by the author for their magnificent mountain locales, charm, availability of public transportation, and accommodations. Rated at one of three levels of ease ("gentle", "comfortable", and "more challenging"), each walk takes from two to six hours, excluding "take in the view" breaks or picnics along the way. Published Feb 07

ISBN: 9780595413300 - Walking Easy

Through the Eastern Alps: The E5 from Lake Constance to Verona, Gillian Price - From Lake Constance in Germany, this guidebook describes walking the E5 trek that runs 600km in 30 days through a remarkable kaleidoscope of landscapes and culture in Switzerland, Austria and Italy, to its destination at Verona. It traverses the Allgauer, Lechtaler and Otztaler Alps. Passes as high as 2900m above sea level are crossed en route to the northern Italian city of Bolzano. Gentler gradients follow as the E5 bears south parallel to the mighty Adige river through the Lagorai, Pasubio and Lessini groups finally arriving at Verona, romantic city par excellence. Published March 07 K


Trekking in the Alps, Kev Reynolds etc - An inspirational walking guide to 20 summer treks in the European Alps in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France and Slovenia, by 8 Alpine trekking experts, including the classics such as the Tour of Mont Blanc and lesser-known routes like the Traverse of the Slovenian Alps. All the rich scenic diversity for which the Alps are renowned is celebrated here. The talented writers and photographers brought together to produce this book have, between them, explored every corner of Europe's premier mountain range, written dozens of guides and, in some cases, led trekking holidays there in order to share their enthusiasm for the Alps with other walkers. The treks included are: (best-known) Tour of Mont Blanc, Tour of the Matterhorn, Tour of Monte Rosa, Walker's Haute Route, Tour of the Jungfrau Region, Tour of the Vanoise and Dolomites AV 1 & 2; (longer trans-Alpine routes) GR5 (Lake Geneva to Nice), Eastern Alps E5, Italian Alps GTA and the Traverse of the Slovenian Alps; and (for the Alpine adventurer) Alpine Pass Route, Tour of the Oisans, Tour of the Queyras, Tour of Mont Ruan, Stubai High Route, Zillertal High Route, Gran Paradiso AV2. Published March 11

ISBN: 9781852846008 - Trekking in the Alps

Chamonix to Zermatt, The Walker's Haute Route, Kev Reynolds - This is the third edition of this guide to the alpine route for walkers between Chamonix and Zermatt. It provides complete mapping and 24 route profiles, with photographs. Included are clearly explained variations to the main route for many stages. Published March 15 K

Tour of the Jungfrau Region: A Two-week Trek in the Bernese Oberland, Kev Reynolds - The second edition of a popular guidebook to trekking the Tour of the Jungfrau (Schynige Platte to Wilderswil) hut-to-hut in the Swiss Alps -already one of the classic walks in Europe - including new alternative routes for some stages. The trek takes the walker in a horseshoe loop through the Bernese Oberland's most spectacular mountain scenery, in the shadow of such iconic peaks as Wetterhorn, Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau. In a journey of 9 to 10 days the Tour visits pastures, ridges, summits and passes, skirts exquisite mountain lakes and gazes on waterfalls, gorges and glaciers. Accommodation is both plentiful and atmospheric, and the route has lots of bad-weather alternatives. Despite the nearby presence of popular resorts like Grindelwald, Wengen, Lauterbrunnen and Murren, the Tour of the Jungfrau Region explores some surprisingly remote landscapes, including part of a World Natural Heritage Site. Published June 09. K

Tour of the Jungfrau Region

Alpine Pass Route: East to West Across Switzerland - From Sargans to Montreux, Kev Reynolds - The Alpine Pass Route traverses Switzerland from east to west - from the ancient town of Sargans on the borders of Leichtenstein, to Montreux on the shores of Lake Geneva. It covers some 325 kilometres of mountain and valley, and crosses 16 passes with an accumulation of almost 18,000 metres of height gain in 15 stages. Each pass is different: from the remote slender crest of the Richetli to the broad tourist-thronged Kleine Scheidegg or the rocky crest of the Bunderchrinde and the grassy saddle of the Blattipass with its incredible views of the Oberland giants. Snow-capped peaks accompany the walker - the Todi and the Titlis; the Wetterhorn, Eiger and Jungfrau; the Kandersteg peaks; Wildstrubel, Wildhorn and Diablerets. Accommodation is plentiful. The route can be done as one long hard walk, or split into two easier holidays. There are many options - cable-cars; chair-lifts and funiculars can be used in many places. It is a route to suit all walkers. Published July 04 K

100 Hut Walks in the Alps, Kev Reynolds - Located amid some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe, the chain of mountain huts strung right across the Alps makes an exciting and worthwhile destination. The huts provide a focus for all the walks in this guide - whether you choose to stay overnight or simply for lunch on the terrace. The huts come in all shapes and sizes, from simple unmanned bivouac shelters to bustling mountain inns with hot showers and restaurant service. The guide covers France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and Slovenia, and contains 100 routes to suit alpine walkers of all abilities. It also provides background information on walking in the Alps and staying in mountain huts and offers suggestions for some hut-to-hut tours. Published May 14 K

ISBN: 9781852844714 - 100 Hut Walks in the Alps

Landscapes of Geneva and Western Switzerland, Reinhard Scholl - 8 car tours, many suggestions for train, funicular and cable car rides, 150 long and short walks (of which 36 are specially tailored to motorists). The author, who lives in the area and has written several guides for walkers, caters for all abilities from gentle strolls through the wine villages above Lake Geneva or amongst the cheese dairies in La Gruyere to more strenuous hikes beside the north face of the Eiger or alongside the largest glacier in the Alps. Published Feb 09

The Walker's Haute Route, Alexander Stewart - The Alps offer almost unlimited adventure, and the Walkers' Haute Route is probably the single finest way of getting deep into these mountains. Trekking the Walkers' Haute Route, from Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn, from Chamonix to Zermatt, you'll traverse one of the finest stretches of the Pennine Alps - the mountain range in the western Alps that stretches between Valais in Switzerland and Piedmont and the Aosta Valley in Italy. A 13-day walk over 11 ridges in 113 miles (180kms), it isn't technically demanding and the rewards are immense. Published April 08

Hiking in Switzerland: Via Alpina: National Route 1 - This is the official guidebook to the Swiss section of the Via Alpina (National Route 1), published by the Swiss Hiking Federation. The Via Alpina is a network of five long-distance hiking routes which cross eight Alpine countries from Trieste to Monaco - over 5,000 kilometres of hiking trails in total. On Swiss soil, National Route 1 Via Alpina leads from Vaduz over numerous Alpine passes to the Truttlisberg Pass near Lenk and from there on the international route to the Great St Bernard Pass or in four stages to Montreux on the national feeder of the Via Alpina. 19 stages and a total of 370 kilometres. The guidebook contains all practical information, clear map extracts and height profiles as well as a host of hints on places of interest and other attractions en route. Richly illustrated with colour photos and overview maps. Published April 08

Bernese Oberland East - Interlaken, Grindelwald, Meiringen: Rother Walking Guide - 50 walks and 47 maps. Published Aug 04

Valais East - Zermatt, Saas, Fiesch: Rother Walking Guide  - The Swiss Valais with its 4000 metre high mountains such as the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa is the ideal mountain walking region. The 51 routes cover the area around Zermatt. Saas Fee and Fiesch as well as a six day round trip in Mattertal and a three day crossing of the Simplon Pass on the historic Stockalper trail.  Published Jan 01

Valais West: Zinal - Arolla - Verbier - Rhone Valley. Rother Walking Guide. - 50 walks in the Sion, Sierre and Matigny areas as well as in the Val d'Hrens, Val de Bagnes and Val d'Entremont. Published Sept 02

Via Ferrata Switzerland: Rother Walking Guide - Part of the 'Rother' series of European walking guides. Inspirational and practical handbooks with high quality mapping covering the finest mountain and valley walks. Pocket size, printed throughout in full colour. A variety of via Ferrata walks from easy to the more demanding. Approximately 50 routes in each guide. Published July 05

Central Switzerland: A Walker's Guide, Kev Reynolds - The author describes the villages, valleys and mountains of Central Switzerland, and provides 90 of the region's best walking routes that will lead to some of the finest views in all the Alps. This guidebook is for use by walkers who may never have ambled through an alpine valley before, as well as the more experienced mountain trekkers aiming for the high cols and inner recesses of glacier-hung peaks. Something for everyone. Published Jan 93

Walking in Ticino - Switzerland, Kev Reynolds - A guidebook to walking in the Ticino Alps of southern Switzerland, Europe, best known for the lakeside resorts of Locarno and Lugano. The Ticino Alps provide some of the finest uncrowded paths of all the alpine regions. Published Jan 92


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